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Adventurous travel lectures to inspire, entertain, and surprise

David offers travel and adventure lectures that go beyond being a collection of beautiful images. He has stories to tell, and insights to share, based on engaging with countries and their people. Click on a talk to find out more.

Travel talks lectures - HawaiiHawaii: more than a tropical paradise

Come to Pearl Harbour and meet one of its survivors, see its exciting volcanic activity, learn how its diversity and mix of cultures means it sees itself as apart from Trump's America, enjoy the wildlife, and learn what it's like to live in a place with a fascinating range of history, culture and landscapes.

Pompeii archThe tragedy of Pompeii

Using his expertise as a guide to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius, David looks at the fascinating stories gleaned from the clues that litter this tempestuous landscape in one of the most densely populated, and threatened, areas of Europe. Striking videos and images bring the past and present alive.

Travel talks lectures - Grand CanyonA Ranger at the Grand Canyon

David worked in the national park as a ranger and explored it extensively. This talk provides insights only available from someone who knows the area intimately. This travel lecture features stories of wilderness exploration, wildlife, history, and natural wonder.

Travel talks - MontserratMontserrat - surviving the volcano

In 1995 David spent over two months on this island on a wild animal conservation survey. Halfway through, the long dormant volcano decided to awake. The excitement of catching wild animals day and night is overshadowed by the disruption caused by the volcano. David presents an eye witness account of the first, evacuation triggering, eruption and how people coped subsequently.

Travel talks - MontserratReturn to Montserrat: reclaiming paradise

Sixteen years after he witnessed the first eruptions that turned the island upside down, David returned to see how the island has changed. The people are still just as friendly but the airport and the capital are now destroyed and two thirds of the island is now an exclusion zone. This has caused a huge upheaval in life and society and in this talk David shares the insights he gained and compares what he found with what he left. (As featured on Radio 4's 'Excess Baggage' travel programme)

Travel talks - CanadaWilderness Canada and Alaska Highway

A trip around northern Canada in search of extreme wilderness yielded fun, thrills, and an appreciation of a remote way of life. Come and meet the gold prospectors, grizzlies, police chiefs and rugged characters David met along the Alaska Highway while searching for mountain adventures. Fly in to one of the largest ice fields in the Western Hemisphere and tackle its peaks and crevasses.

Travel talks - BotswanaBotswana: Love, lions and democracy

This talk follows David's exploits as a leader on a youth expedition that spent three months living in the bush surrounded by wild animals. Charged by an elephant, attacked by hyenas, trekking for miles for water, and working out how to keep lions at bay, David had his work cut out keeping everyone safe. And the expedition didn't start well when he had his passport stolen in Zimbabwe and had to smuggle himself across the border into Botswana. A recent return trip saw him staying with local people, where he got under the skin of a fascinating society, learned the history of an African success story and discovered his expedition patron had been at the heart of one of the greatest and most controverisal love stories of the African continent.

Utah and Arizona talkUtah and Arizona - a love affair

A love of the American southwest permeates this wide ranging talk, which delights in the wilderness and national parks of the area and also explains the stories behind them. David has explored the area over many years and shares the history, beauty and culture of a landscape that gripped his soul like no other.

Point CharcotAntarctic dreams

Antarctica has gripped our imagination for hundreds of years and in this talk David explores why it is still important and relevant today.  It is a touchstone of environmental change and can tell us much about our past...and our future. Geology, climate, wildlife and personal sacrifice come together in this landscape which has inspired artists, scientists, explorers and naturalists for generations.

LakesideNew Zealand - land of wonder

Land of variety, from tropical forest to glacial peak, from deep water sperm whales to basking fur seals; bubbling mud pools, offshore volcanoes, and amazing scenery. Beautiful natural light ensured stunning photographs. Join David on some of his treks through this land of wonder, and participate in a police chase while in a stolen car....

geyserIceland: land of fire and ice

His love of all things geological has taken David to Iceland as a guide and here he looks at what makes this unique country so special. The closest wilderness to Europe, abundant volcanism has created an alien planet-like wilderness where no land should be. This creative volcanic force is still shaping and influencing the country and the talk looks at the hardships of living in such a land, and also visits Heimaey the 'Pompeii of the North', which was nearly destroyed in the 1973 eruption.

Expedition planning

David worked for The Royal Geographical Society as an expedition adviser, and here shares his expertise.

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