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Grand Canyon speaker and travel lecturer

Grand Canyon guest speaker

David Edwards: travel lecturer on the Grand Canyon'A Ranger at the Grand Canyon' talk

David worked as a National Park Ranger in the Grand Canyon, responsible for explaining its natural wonder to visitors and leading nature hikes. He explored and photographed much of the Canyon, and has made several return visits. This talk will give insights only obtainable from someone who knows this fascinating region intimately.

From the earliest peoples to live there, the first Europeans to discover it and its subsequent history, David will surprise and entertain. Beautiful flowers, treefrogs, the area's spectacular geology, history, and wildlife will all be explored. David will also detail the threats to this World Heritage Site and what remedies are being undertaken.

A Grand Canyon (or Pink) rattlesnakeThis talk has drawn large attendances every time he has given it. His intimate encounter with a rattlesnake is not the least of the highlights.......

"...your splendid talk on the Grand Canyon. There was a buzz of excitement from members afterwards and demands that we invite you back soon, which I hope to do. Your comprehensive presentation of the Grand Canyon, covering so many aspects, historical, environmental, geographical and personal experiences made for a fascinating evening. Very many thanks again."
Jacky Fox, The Bowdon Sixty Club

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