David Edwards - guest public speaker providing 
					talks for your school, club, business or society guest speaker with stories and insights from around the world
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Contact details

  01387 251118

 @EnvGeogSpeaker   (Twitter/Instagram)

What area do I cover?

I am based in the middle of the UK, so venues as far apart as Inverness and Eastbourne are equally accessible. With good access to airports, engagements in Jersey, Italy, Eire and North America are also easily reached.

What equipment can I provide?

Windows laptop, digital projector, projector stand, wireless remote, cabling. Talks can be provided on memory stick in PowerPoint format if you wish to use your own equipment. Projector screen to be provided by the venue.

What is my fee?

This depends on a number of factors, including distance. The fee will be considerably lower if I am already in the area for a talk on an adjacent date: travel costs are therefore already covered. Check out my current bookings to see if you can piggyback your date on to an existing booking. As I lecture throughout the UK, I can often reduce travel expenses by clustering together a number of talks in the same geographical area. Any fee quoted will be all inclusive.

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