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Nature conservation guest speaker

Conservation speaker: "The End of Nature"

Nature conservation speakerA talk on the decline of nature

Is there anywhere on Earth where one can be sure that one is experiencing nature unaltered by our activities? If not, does it matter? In this conservation talk David will explore the idea that nature is no longer an unchanging, absolute entity that is larger than us and will always be there to sustain, console and awe inspire us. We have changed nature irrevocably and while we can argue about what the scale of the consequences may be in the future, we now live in a world where we have subjugated nature and annexed it as an industrial resource to support the way of life we enjoy.

Speaker on valuing and conserving nature And if nature is only considered of worth if it helps sustain our lifestyles, how much of it are we prepared to sacrifice for our comfort?

This is a lively, thought provoking talk that may change the way you look at the world for ever.

David was responsible for designing and running courses for the University of Glasgow's environmental sustainability degree program, and has also taught on environmental issues for the University of Edinburgh and the Open University, and so is a speaker extremely qualified to talk on this subject. Here, David develops an idea propounded by the environmental writer Bill McKibben.

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